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Homekit Connected Lock, Nuki Smart Boot Test

Homekit Connected Lock, Nuki Smart Boot Test

Nuki smart lock An attached lock placed on a door to open and close the lock remotely, even from a smartphone a few inches away or hundreds of miles away, if you will. In this product category, this model refers to Homekit compatibility and good handling of European locks.

Nuki locks herself in my front door.

I installed the lock on the front door a few weeks ago. How does Nuki Lock work and what is Smart Lock used for? Let’s take stock!

An engine to turn the key for you

All connected locks have the same principle: (dis) close a door using a remote controlled motor. In detail, there are several types of locks attached, depending on the method of opening the door. In Europe, the most common is Nuki Accepted, which means that a motor placed in the house turns the key for you into the original lock. This ensures better compatibility, you can check this tool online.