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HomeKit has gone crazy!

HomeKit has gone crazy!

HomeKit has gone crazy!

I ran HomeKit and a security system of my creation two years ago, without any problems. Today I handed over my house to tenants and a smart switch that controls a siren went out unexpectedly and repeatedly. My tenants were surprised by this, as I was.

The smart switch is controlled by two motion detectors, so that if motion is detected, the siren would turn off under specific automation conditions. That is, no one was at home and movement was detected, etc. Again, no problems for two years.

The first thing I did to stop this erroneous audio alarm was to turn off all automation that contained the siren smart switch. No change. The second thing I tried was to delete the motion detectors from the Home app. No change. The third thing I tried was to delete the smart switch that is part of the automation that controls the siren. No effect. The alarm continues to sound for no good reason.

The last thing I tried and do all this from a distance of 600 km through the Home application on the iPhone, was to delete the whole house from the home application. So I deleted the entire PDX location. I haven’t heard of any complaints recently, I hope to resolve that.

I intentionally did not update my iOS or Mac system for fear of interruptions in the flow of this home security system. The only thing that has changed is that Apple TV is set to auto-update and I think that must be the culprit. Nothing else has changed in years.

Problems with the latest TVOS? Anything that can happen here?

iOS 12.1.4
You do not have access to tvOS #

[Homekit security solution ](Http://

Thanks Russ