HomeKit Home is almost complete, but it needs to sell and start over next year.

Cupertino, October 24, 2020

So I posted here the plans and the future HomeKit here and I will list what I did. My next upgrade was the Ryse smart blinds that I supported on Kickstarter. Along with the pre-ordered Abode outdoor camera that appeared out of nowhere.

Due to the fact that I am in the army, I have to get up and move again (sometimes I have only hated this job here for 27 months), so I will sell the house and buy once I get to my new job.

So, since I will start from the beginning and being that the real estate market is very good at the moment, I should sell with a sum of equity to buy more HomeKit accessories 😬

I'm thinking of Lutron Serena Shades and I'll take out the money and iSmartgate Pro for the new house. Initially, I was going to replace the MyQ garage door opener with an iSmartgate Pro, but I will be leaving the house with the Ring Pro. I want to keep my Schlage Sense, but I'm thinking of getting a Kwikset premise to put the house in and see if I can sign up for a Black Friday offer with one of them. The light switches and the hub will remain. But I'm taking the Abode system with me. I don't know what to do with RainMachine Pro. I want to keep it, but I think selling it with the house will make it marketable.

New house, as I said Lutron Serena Smart Shades and Box switches, iSmartgate Pro, Abode system, Schlage Sense lock. Since Ring Pro lags behind, I think Netatmo will take my money out the door, because by the time I get the new house it will be available in the US and hopefully it will have HSV as well.

Those that have Lutron Serena shades that have those that are not battery powered and how they are connected with permanent power. Do I have to work with the builder to get electricity from the windows? Also, what is the impact on the wallet? Some of the floor plans I'm looking at now are probably looking at 6-8 windows. Since I will have Ryse smart shades, I don't need all the windows in the new house with Serena shades.

HomeKit devices:
2x ATV4K
1x 4th generation ATV
1x HomePod
Abode Iota Security System
- 15x sensors for windows
- 3x door sensors
- 1x occupancy sensor
- 1x motion sensor
- 1x keyboard
- 1 wide-angle camera motion sensor
- 1x fire alarm sensor
- 1x glass breaking sensor
- 1x 1080p streaming camera
Lutron Cassette Switches
- 23x light switches
- 2x fan controllers
Sprinkler system
- RainMachine Pro-8
- Ring Pro (HomeBridge)
- Schlage Sense (front door)
- MyQ with HomeKit Bridge
Photo cameras
- 2x Eufy Pan and Tilt
- 1x Eufy 2K interior camera
- 2 Vizio 4K TVs

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