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HomeKit Hub

HomeKit Hub

I’m looking to set up a reliable HomeKit Hub, without towing, at my parents’ home.

An Apple TV seems to look the right answer. It is simple, can be connected to wires, does not lock, etc. But I can’t turn off the iPhone / iPad remote. I don’t want to confuse my parents, seeing the “HomeKit Hub” as a remotely controllable device. Is there a setting to disable iOS remote control?

An iPad with an Ethernet adapter seems to be the “self-sufficient” option, but iOS certainly sees a lot of updates, the iPad restarts on a lock screen, etc. I don’t want to send them to the basement to tinker with an old iPad just to rehabilitate external access to the HomeKit.

HomePod seems to be the right answer, but I can’t find it to connect to the network anyway. Am I missing something obvious? Is there a dongle available?