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HomeKit / Hue / HomePod help is needed

HomeKit / Hue / HomePod help is needed

Hi! Hit a wall, hoping it will help you. The house has 1 Hue Hub with 30 lights, 4 HomePods, 3 ATVs and 2 HomeKit compatible TVs. Everything worked fine in one house until HomePods was added. This created a problem that I didn’t realize when I set it up, but now the problem is that HomePods / ATVs / TVs are related to my roommate’s email and all the lights are related to mine.

2 “houses” were created (floor and floor) and I have no problem with my arrangement, but trying to create scenes for the ground floor has become a problem. My roommate is not “technological”, so I try to create basic scenes and voice commands that do more things. Unfortunately, because Siri doesn’t seem to navigate both “houses” easily, and the scenes can’t access both houses for different things, I’m kind of stuck.

An example of what I’m trying to set up is:
The scene, the time of the movie.
Specific lights dim, others turn off, HomePods stop playing, and the TV turns on. The Siri shortcut can do all this and launch Netflix, but these are the worst in terms of reliability.

I haven’t found a way to do this easily, so I guess my only option would be to get a second hub for the ground floor and fix everything new? I played Google Home on TV, but that doesn’t control HomePods or it didn’t seem like a job.

Any help, tips or advice would be greatly appreciated !!