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HomeKit Icons for Hue Tap

HomeKit Icons for Hue Tap Dear Buttons on the Tap buttons fit perfectly over the tap buttons. I ended up creating one for every icon I had in the HomeKit, which you can find in a PDF here: [Hue Tap HomeKit Icons]( What I did was print the icons on a regular printer, then cut them out into a lazy square, leaving the black ring intact. Attach it to the exposed side of a 1 “wide Scotch interior mounting strip and place a piece of regular scotch tape on top. Cut out the icon by cutting right inside the black ring and it will fit perfectly on the faucet buttons. They’re not perfect at all, but not at all perfect. It looks and works pretty well for what they are.If you had a cricut machine or something similar, I’m sure you could look very good or maybe even by printing on photo paper and still using the box montage.I’m glad to answer Any questions if anyone else wants to do this or if there is an icon that I don’t have that you want, let me know and I can try to get it there.

[Sorry for the terrible walls in my college rental lol](

[Materials used](