Homekit & luxaflex powerview (Hunter Douglas)

Cupertino, October 5, 2021

About half a year ago, a local supplier installed horizontal blades from Luxaflex (Hunter Douglas) in my home. I selected them specifically because they promise full Homekit support. I have a Luxaflex hub gen 2 that is used for the various automations. The hub is integrated into my Homekit.

Right from the start, I experienced problems with automations created in Homekit. Most of the time, Homekit is not correctly aware of the status of the blinds. But the most annoying issue is that although opening and closing the blinds does work when initiated from Homekit, the requested horizontal tilt of the individual blinds is not executed. The horizontal tilt is always -90 degrees, i.e. closed. Another thing I noticed is that the blinds open and close twice as fast when initiated from Homekit compared to when executed from the native Powerview app.

I reported this to the supplier and Luxaflex Netherlands sent someone to look into this. Having ruled out that the problem was caused by a faulty hub or batteries and confirming that everything works perfectly fine when using the Powerview app, his (and my) prelimenary conclusion was that the issue must be caused by a fault in the communication between the hub and Homekit. He afterwards informed me that they reported my issue to the app developers who apparently were aware of this already and were looking for a solution. After two months, I was told that the next firmware update would fix the issues.

In the meantime I am using the Powerview app for my automations but that is not what I want. If you as a supplier advertise that your product works seamlessly (their words, not mine) with Homekit, I expect they do just that.

A couple of days ago, I noticed that the hub has been updated with a new firmware version (was 2.0.1050, is 2.0.1055). I did a reset between the hub and Homekit but the problems have not been solved.

I am going to contact Luxaflex about this of course but I thought it would also be a good idea to post my journey so far here as well. I cannot believe I am the only one experiencing this problem.

I would like to add the following difference between Homekit and the native Powerview app. When opening or closing the blinds to a certain setting, when initiated from Powerview, the following five steps are executed:
1. Tilt the blinds inwards to +90 degrees
2. Move the blinds to the requested position but slightly higher
3. Tilt the blinds outwards to -90 degrees
4. Move the blinds to the requested position
5. Tilt the blinds to the requested horizontal position

When initiating the same from Homekit only the first two steps are executed.

If anyone else has/had the same or similar experiences, I would appreciate any thoughts you can share. Any updates I get from Luxaflex, I will share likewise.

Thank you for your patience reading this lenghty post.

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