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HomeKit (no answer) on WiFi smart bulbs

HomeKit (no answer) on WiFi smart bulbs

I have several WiFi bulbs (no hub) throughout the house (VOCOlinc and Lifx), all are connected to HomeKit and work well about 30% of the time. The other 70% tell them (No answer) and they will not work. But if I open the VOCOlinc or Lifx application it works fine in that application.

I even have a Google mini speaker connected to the lights and I never have a problem using the Google Home app or the speaker to control the lights.

I use an Apple TV 4K as a hub.

I also have 1 New Nanoleaf essential bulb. I’m pretty sure it connects with Bluetooth (not Thread bc, I don’t have HomePod Mini). But I never had a connection to it.

So, any idea what the problem might be?