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Homekit Secure Video VS. Solution for IP PoE security camera

Homekit Secure Video VS. Solution for IP PoE security camera

If you didn’t go with HSV and opted for the integration of a PoE IP system in HK, what did you do?

If you have chosen HSV rooms for your home, what are your experiences and are they suitable for your needs?

We choose a security camera solution for our Apple / Homekit-centered home ecosystem. I was planning to order Eufycam 2 Pro, however, the more research I did, the better the PoE IP cameras seemed.

I’m paralyzed by analysis. I want all the comfort of HK and HSV rooms. The HSV functions together with the functions in tvOS / iOS14 are very convincing for us, plus we already pay for the iCloud plan that would give us storage space for 5 rooms. I also like the small footprint at home.

Then, again, I returned the Arlo cameras due to quality issues with compression / Wifi (I have a high-performance mesh system with additional satellites and I worked with Arlo without result). So, I don’t know if any wireless camera will work well with the size and architecture of our house.

I also found out that with Eufycam 2 Pro, if we use HSV, the resolution will be downgraded from 2k to 1080V max of 1080p anyway (I checked and no, it is not possible to save 2k locally in the base station memory if I use HSV). Then, since a base station only supports 4 HK rooms, I would have to buy 2 base stations to support 5 rooms. I thought of getting 4 Eufycam 2 Pro cameras and then a video ringtone, but the Eufycam video ringtone does not support HSV. So I should get Robin Proline or a video ringtone that is not supported by HSV. None of the options are attractive.

Another reservation I have is that I don’t want to lose important images because motion detection didn’t work. This happened to the Arlo Pro and makes me a little anxious based on motion detection. I also know someone who had a major accident in their yard in the room of activity of the room, but their rooms did not register due to a detection problem. Now I read that this is also currently one of the many issues reported by HSV users. So, I would feel much better if I had a continuous recording, which is not possible with HSV.

So while I don’t really want the headaches of running Ethernet cables and managing the software / hardware of an IP PoE configuration, I’d do if it offered significantly higher quality, more cameras (HSV limited to 5 ), Continuous recording or other benefits. We need a quality that can detect plates / faces remotely and want at least 4K. I could probably handle 5 rooms, but I would prefer 8 with the option to add a few more. Continuous recording is not required if activity detection is reliable, but is preferred.

Then I read about some interesting IP PoE settings that are integrated in HK. I was very excited and wondered if I could get all the benefits of the PoE IP setting and integrate into HK I was sold. It seemed that the only thing I would miss was the free iCloud storage offered by HSV. It would also be great if we could integrate the smart washer / dryer and other things into HK. But then I researched and I have three questions for anyone with experience in this regard.

First of all, what functions will HK iOS / tvOS have if we integrate a PoE IP system using Homebridge / HOOBS? I know I would obviously give up on HSV features, such as iCloud storage, animal / vehicle / person detection, and activity areas. I just don’t know if I’d miss some of the best features of iOS / tvOS 14, such as name-based alerts based on facial recognition built into our photo library, ringtone alert by name on HomePod, live view calling of the room by name on Apple TV etc.

Second, would we actually have better videos? I read that streaming 4K video on 8-10 cameras is a challenge. Some have a solution to record 2 streams for each room. One at 4K based only on alerts and the other continues at quality below 1080. I wouldn’t be happy with that and I wouldn’t want to go into so much technical weeds to fix them. If I record continuously, I would like it to be simple and quality.

Finally, for anyone with an IP PoE system built into HK, is it worth the extra hardware / software and time? Although I’m not looking for a new hobby and just want it to work, if the benefit is significant enough to justify the time and expense, I would. But I read that some of the programs are buggy, support issues, integration issues, etc.

Thank you in advance.