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Homekit sends 99% of notifications to my girlfriend and not to me


I am the owner of the “homekit house” and I invited my girlfriend to join the homekit. I have an Apple TV 4k as a hub (and a Philips Hue hub down if important). I have 10 philips hue lights, 2 eufy 2k homekit compatible cams and 2 door sensors for eve.

I set my cameras to change in flow and record when NO ONE is home and off when I’m home, however I get 0 notifications when I leave home, when I come home or any of these, while my girlfriend gets notifications a little late ( for example, 1 hour) after we left home together) saying that the camels went from stop to transmit and record because no one is home. The problem is that I still see the cams turned off in the homekit and I can’t send them and I don’t receive these notifications.

I don’t understand why it doesn’t work.

Do you have ideas to test?


Edit: and yes, we set all notification options right in the home app on each cam etc., allow notifications yes etc.