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HomeKit Sengled devices – a mini review

HomeKit Sengled devices – a mini review

HomeKit Sengled devices a mini review

Last weekend someone mentioned that Sengled launched a HomeKit bridge for their devices. Since I had a few Sengled spare bulbs that stretched back to my SmartThings days, I was intrigued and thought it was worth the $ 25 to try the hub.


* The hub is not expensive, especially compared to those like Lutron and Hue
* Setup was extremely simple: download the app, sign up, add a device and it asks you to add a hub
* adding devices is very simple in the Sengled application
* Adding the Sengled hub to HomeKit was quick and easy, and all devices sync quickly


* another hub. I have so many already, I don’t care, but some people might
* Ditto the application, here are the firmware updates
* any light added to Sengled is synchronized with the HomeKit in the room to which the bridge is assigned, so it must be changed if it is in another room. Since I change them in scenes and routines, it’s no big deal

The river:

* because my bulbs were previously associated with SmartThings, they had to be reset. This was excessively painful, because the electric cycling in a lamp is not good enough, it must be in a luminaire with a wall switch. I ended up having to remove the Hue bulbs from my bathroom, put the Sengled bulbs on, and then replace them with the reset. I also didn’t turn the switch fast enough, so it took three tries. Once the bulbs were reset, the association was easy and most people would not be in this situation.

We ended up adding their LED strip for some ambient lighting and above the vertical projector screen. The LED has a small box near the end with a switch so that it can be turned on and off manually. Good for most applications, created a challenge for cable management. Also, the power cord on the LED strip seems short.

In general, I really like the Sengled system and I will definitely consider them in the future instead of Hue.

For those who want to try, Best Buy has some Sengled products in their first Black Friday offers, although the hub is not part of it. Keep in mind that there are two Sengled hubs, make sure you get one HomeKit ($ 25 starting today) and not the oldest non-HomeKit ($ 29)!

[The LED over my projector screen](Https://

[Sengled bulb in a shelf lamp]( this is the only white bulb, it is very bright and very tonic

[Screenshot of the app]( the cameras in the application are not related to HomeKit, but only generic names and images.