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HomeKit smart home (feat. Alexa and Sonos)

HomeKit smart home (feat. Alexa and Sonos)

Hi all,

In recent years we have had various versions of a smart home that uses different environmental systems. I started in my first home with a complete Alexa setup. In my second home, I moved to Google Home and fully embraced the ecosystem, moving right to Pixel. I’m about to buy my third home and since then I’ve been back on my iPhone (Apple Watch pulled me back) and I’m looking at a smart HomeKit.

I really like the idea of ​​HomeKit due to the elements of privacy and it seems that there has been slow but good progress. The areas that I feel are missing are the bells and cameras, but I hope that holes will be filled next year or so in the future. I feel, however, that I am far behind, say the Nest room ecosystem, etc.

The main problem I have is that I want voice control in the house. I’m a big Sonos user and I tend to have one in every room, so I’ve never had a problem with Alexa or Google Assistant in my previous homes. HomeKit is massively lacking in this area as it relies on your phone, watch or a HomePod. Until / if Apple ever launches a mini HomePod device, I can’t see a way to fix voice control, especially without changing all my Sonos stuff into multiple HomePods.

Enter Alexa.

Like many, I use Hoobs / Homebridge as part of my HomeKit setup. I recently saw that there is an Alexa plugin that describes everything for voice control. So, my idea is to turn on Alexa on my home Sonos speakers, but I only use the Homebridge plugin to expose my entire HomeKit configuration for voice control.

In essence, would this mean that I don’t have to use any of the Alexa skills and could I strictly use Alexa voice commands through my Sonos devices to control almost everything? This seems like a perfect solution to me, because I like “Alexa” as a watchword, but I keep my privacy somewhat intact.

Thoughts and comments are welcome.