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HomeKit suddenly stopped working

HomeKit suddenly stopped working

Yesterday, my devices slowly stopped connecting to the HomeKit. The only thing still connected is my August locks. My Hue lights, Apple TV and HomePods have stopped working (at various points in the last two days). I tried to restart everything. I tried resetting the HomePods. Nothing seems to work.

Some data points:
– My iPad was updated this weekend to 14.1
– No devices are running beta and all are up to date
– Also, the Hue application cannot connect to any light
– Apple TV / iPad / iPhone say they can’t connect to devices, including the stereo pair of HomePods they use with Apple TV
– No changes were made to the network or router settings

When I rest my HomePods, I get a notification that some features may be unavailable because my wifi doesn’t support peer-to-peer connections.

Has anyone else had this problem? The only thing I can think of trying is to clean the house and start over, but hoping for a less painful resolution.