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HomeKit Weekly: Here’s what I’d like to see at WWDC for HomeKit updates

HomeKit Weekly: Here’s what I’d like to see at WWDC for HomeKit updates

HomeKit Weekly: Here's what I'd like to see at WWDC for HomeKit updates

With the rapid approach of WWDC, I’m very excited to see what platform improvements Apple brings to HomeKit to make it the best place to build your smart home. So here is my HomeKit wish list for iOS 15.

Weekly HomeKit is a series focused on smart home accessories, automation tips and tricks and everything related to the Apple smart home frame.

Resolve the unanswered error

One of the most frustrating aspects of HomeKit is when devices fall offline for a while. Fixing this often requires restarting the device, but sometimes it fixes itself. I would like to see the main cause of this common problem addressed by iOS 15 and the HomeKit platform.

I have heard various rumors about the cause of the problem and it goes back to the mDNS bugs. I am not fully aware of the problem, but it needs to be resolved.

Firmware update platform

I have many random applications on my iPhone just to update the firmware of the various HomeKit devices I have. I would love for Apple to build a system for vendors to push their device updates directly through HomeKit. Unfortunately, I rarely open these applications, so I can quickly stick to firmware updates. In an ideal world, you will have the option to automatically install updates and make them optional, if you prefer.

One of the benefits of HomeKit is that you have one place to manage all your smart home devices, so that would make it even more centralized.

New types of devices

I’d love to see HomeKit coming to vacuum cleaners in the future. I own several robot vacuum cleaners, and technology has come a long way in recent years. Now, it is possible to completely get rid of the traditional vacuum and rely only on robotic vacuum cleaners. I am currently using my Neato vaccine with HomeKit, connecting it to Homebridge. The ability to trigger it from the Home app and through Siri showed me that this type of device fits perfectly.

Another plus I would love to see is the HomeKit compatible washing machines and dryers. Being able to monitor these devices from the Home application and turn them on / off remotely would be beneficial.

Apple brand accessories

While I love how HomeKit connects devices from different manufacturers, I’d love to see Apple enter the market with its own branded accessories. Especially now that Thread technology is becoming popular, it would be an ideal time for Apple to enter the market to help build in-house Thread networks.

Apple doesn’t need to do anything in every category, but I’d love to see smart outlets, indoor cameras and light bulbs as first-rate products.

A new Home application

Homekit application

The design of the Home application has served us well for many years, but as the number of devices in a house increases, it quickly falls apart. Changing rooms is still cumbersome, and the favorite accessories section ends up being a long list of accessories.

In a new version of the application, I would like to see that some attempts can tell which room I am in, depending on my proximity to a mini HomePod. Another idea is to segment your favorite area according to the types of devices or cameras, with the possibility to change it with a dynamic touch.

HomeKit Secure Video Enhancements

eufy homekit secure video

I’ve written about this before, but it’s time for HomeKit Secure Video to take the next step in functionality. I want an option for 24/7 recording, reliability improvements for motion detection, and the option to expand the last five cameras.

What else do you want from HomeKit?

These are some of the things on my wish list, but everyone’s use of HomeKit is not the same as mine, so I’d love to hear what you want to see in the comments below.

HomeKit is the best place to build your smart home thanks to Apple’s commitment to privacy and close integration with other Apple products, so I hope to see some notable improvements at WWDC 2021.

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