HomeKit Weekly: How to add eufy ringtone to HomeKit using HOOBS and Homebridge

Cupertino, November 19, 2021

eufy has been a popular HomeKit provider for a long time, and its outdoor wireless cameras have been installed in my home for several years. Before we had a few options for HomeKit ringtones, I installed the eufy wire ringtone and have been happy with it ever since. However, it lacked one thing: HomeKit access. We have finally solved this problem, thanks to HOOBS and the eufy Homebridge plugin. Read on to learn more about connecting an eufy ringtone and HomeKit.

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I've written about HOOBS in previous articles, but if you're not familiar, let me catch up with HOOBS and Homebridge.

Homebridge is a growing platform. Countless other projects will make all your smart HomeKit products compatible. Suppose you want to take advantage of the growing Homebridge ecosystem (2,000 plugins) without the hassle of installing software or managing a server configuration. With HOOBS, you get a "HomeBridge in a Box" product.

HOOBS comes in three different ways. The first is with a real box that you connect to the network. The second comes preloaded on a micro SD card. The third is to download the HOOBS image with a $ 7 donation. If you purchase the SD card or download the image, you will need to purchase and configure a Rasberry Pi, a case, a power adapter, etc. to configure it. I didn't want to worry about the hardware, so I went ahead and bought the HOOBS standalone box.

Installation is easy after you unpack the device. After connecting it to the network and power supply, go to http://hoobs.local to begin the setup process. The main benefit of HOOBS is that you get all the benefits of Homebridge without having to set it up yourself. The wizard guides you through setting up a username and password, adding the device to the HomeKit, and adding devices. Once you set it up, you can make it run over Wi-Fi. Because the box is so small, it is easy to store near the router. The whole process took about 10 minutes from start to finish. If you want to browse the entire catalog, you can consult the directory that HOOBS has built.

Adding the Eufy ringtone to the HomeKit via HOOBS

As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, I have long wanted to introduce my eufy ringtone in HomeKit to take advantage of some of the latest features for ringtones on iOS and tvOS. When you have a HomeKit ringtone, a window may appear on your Apple TV when it rings - only this feature makes the setup worthwhile.

Before you begin, I would recommend setting up a guest account on eufy and having the account that HOOBS uses to access your room. You will need to log out of the eufy app and log in using the guest account to create to accept the distribution.

Assuming HOOBS is already configured on your network, log in to the portal and access the eufy plugin. Once you've added it, go to the Setup section and enter your eufy account information for the guests you created earlier. Once done, the bell should to magically appear in your Home application - assuming HOOBS has been connected correctly.

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The My Home app immediately showed the eufy ringtone as a new device with ringtone functionality. When you call it, it will appear on the TV App as a notification. You'll also be able to configure it to turn on the lights and create other automations, just like any other HomeKit device.


eufy doorbell homekit

Using HOOBS, I was able to connect my eufy ringtone and HomeKit so that I could enjoy all the benefits of a HomeKit ringtone without having to purchase a new one. HOOBS is a fantastic product and makes it easy to add Ring, UniFi, Nest cameras and other non-HomeKit products to HomeKit using Homebridge. My last non-HomeKit device is finally in the HomeKit.

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