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Homekit, wifi and ecobee 3

Homekit, wifi and ecobee 3


It may be a silly question, but does the Homekit device need WiFi enabled to work with Homekit?

Here is the situation:

I have DD-WRT on the router and created a guest network for all IoT devices and put them on a separate interface / network. ecobee 3 is one of them.

Now, for personal use, I always use the main network. Whenever I access the Home app on iOS, I get the message “no answer” for the ecobee3 device. If I switch my iPhone to the IoT network, I can access ecobee from the home application.

Anyway, I thought that homekit devices connect via Bluetooth LE to the home base (Apple TV) and Apple TV connects to the internet and that’s how I can manage my devices from the Home application.

Given my situation, it doesn’t seem to be true and both devices (Home base – Apple TV and homekit device) need to be on the same network?