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Homekit with Crestron AES

Homekit with Crestron AES

I have an old Crestron AES system I inherited from my father in law who programmed everything and even have a very nice app he created to use on some android tablets to be my controller. The Crestron is controlling the 2ch audio input/feed signals and is also connected to a 4×4 HDMI matrix (via serial cable) sending/splitting 4 separate HDMI inputs.

I just started replacing switches and outlets to control lights/plugs with Homekit and would like to have my audio/video setup inevitably in Homekit as well, as there’s no way I can re-program the Crestron itself let alone modify the app he built to control these new lights/plugs.

Anyone know of a way to send commands to a Crestron AES via Homekit, Homebridge or other?

Crestron is notoriously difficult to work with but it’s currently controlling hardwired speakers and HDMI to 4 rooms (upstairs and down) with no intention of replacing it until it dies, but it’d be great to run those commands via Homekit. I have the Adobe Air App file I could reverse engineer the commands from.

But, if anyone has any solution ideas to replace my Crestron setup for controlling 4 rooms hardwired independently I’m all ears. Each room is wired independently with Ethernet, HDMI, Coax, and RCA audio with left/right speakers. I’ve not seen any good AVR’s for this many rooms and inputs (at least not ones that are reasonably affordable). Looking to be able to control each room with individual A/V signals and have ability to feed the same A/V signals to all 4 rooms simultaneously (duplicating what I can do now). These are rooms/uses that do not need surround sound. HDMI video and 2ch audio only.

Current Gear:

* Crestron AES
* Monoprice 4×4 HDMI Matrix
* (4) Apple TV 4 HD
* Samsung & Sony Bravia TVs
* Netgear Nighthawk X8