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Homelink and Tesla Model 3 with Homelink PR433-4 and?

Homelink and Tesla Model 3 with Homelink PR433-4 and?


I will be adding the Homelink module to my Tesla 3 model (2020 model) in 10 days. I have Somfy doors and gate are not compatible with Homelink. I plan to add Chamberlain PR433-4 so I can receive Homelink signals on arrival and departure from home. In fact, I use homebridge to inject Somfy devices into the Apple Homekit, which works well. Now how do I connect Chamnberlain PR433-4 receiving Homelink signals to my homekit system? Ideally, I would like to have a new module connected to the output of the Chamberlain PR433-4 relay and when it activates the relay output I receive some kind of false signal in my new module, then it will be easy to catch it and when it will be triggered for to open the doors and the gate … But what way to use to make this connection on one side of the output relay and on the other to create a kind of virtual echo for Homekit?

Many thanks in advance.