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HomePod as audio output for automation issue

HomePod as audio output for automation issue

I have a problem with using HomePod as part of HomeKit automation, especially when I tell it to play a certain sound.

Purpose: use HomePod to play alarm / alert sounds, based on motion detection, time of day, a lot of things.

Problem: I chose the HomePod as part of the control accessories, then I chose “Play audio” and a specific song (I tried both the songs in my library and Music), but when the automation runs HomePod will play the last thing played it before the automation started. Regardless of the sound we have chosen, the actual output is identical to the “Audio playback” option or if we have physically touched the top of the device: it plays the last thing that was there.

I tried this with shortcuts with the same result.

Has anyone encountered this or does he have any advice? Thank you in advance.