HomePod mini: Is it worth getting the Apple Smart Speaker for a stupid house?

Cupertino, January 31, 2021

Source: Stephen Warwick / iMore

Although there is no doubt in my mind that the HomePod mini is the best smart speaker for many people, I wasn't sure it would be for me. But when the orders came in and I didn't have enough money to buy a new iPhone this year, I ended up buying a HomePod mini as a bit of retail therapy.

When he got to my house, I eagerly opened it, connected it, and looked at it. I almost instantly regretted my purchase, because I know that I will barely use some of its real features. However, I have been using it for months and I can't imagine my life without it.

My stupid house

Luke In his dumb house

Source: Luke Filipowicz / iMore Luke Filipowicz is enjoying his mute house

For some context, let's talk about how stupid my house is - spoiler alert - it's pretty stupid.

I live in a relatively small one bedroom apartment. Although I am a passionate user of Apple, meaning I have an iPhone, MacBook Air and Apple TV, I have absolutely no HomeKit accessories. No smart lights, security cameras, nothing.

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In addition, I only bought one HomePod mini. This means that there is no stereo sound and no use of the intercom (spirit). However, in the last two months, I have come to love this little speaker. I agree with most of the points that our writer Stephen Warwick pointed out in his HomePod mini-review, about his strengths and weaknesses, but I liked having one in my house.

Music to the ears

Homepod Mini Review 1

Source: Stephen Warwick / iMore

Obviously, the fact that I don't have smart home equipment means that I mainly use the HomePod mini as a speaker. Whether I'm just playing my favorite playlist from Apple Music, making a phone call, or using AirPlay to play YouTube videos on my MacBook Air, the HomePod mini plays sound regularly. And, I was impressed with the sound quality of the HomePod mini. It's definitely loud enough to fill my entire apartment with sound and never seems to crack or distort the low or high tones of any music I've listened to. I've tried many small portable Bluetooth speakers over the years, and a lot of them are around the HomePod mini's price range, and the HomePod mini holds up against most of them.

Of course, the HomePod mini needs to be plugged into an outlet, unlike a portable Bluetooth speaker, which excels at being able to go with you, making it perfect to take with you to a party even on a camping trip. . But as a reliable speaker to use in your home, the HomePod mini will serve you well.

Siri feels like a roommate

Siri on HomePod mini

Source: Luke Filipowicz / iMore Siri answers my stupid questions on the HomePod mini

While I was happy to use the HomePod mini as a speaker, I was thrilled that Siri will be more present in my home. I've been using iPhones since Siri came along and I'm no stranger to the limitations and usefulness of Siri. It was a different experience to get used to my HomePod answer, rather than my phone.

Suddenly, Siri felt more present and accessible than ever. When I'm in my bedroom and I shout, "Hey, Siri, what's the weather like today?" in the hallway, I can hear the answer loud and clear. In addition, the HomePod mini has an incredible range of microphones that allow it to listen to you better, so when I call Siri from another room, it responds with the correct answer.

It's the added functionality I didn't even know I was getting, which makes simple tasks much better on the HomePod mini than on your iPhone. You know, those mundane things like adding something to my calendar, setting a laundry timer, or even requesting a word translation. It's something you have to experience to fully understand, but it's wonderful.

Is HomePod mini worth it in a bad house?

I enjoyed every minute with the HomePod mini and I'm definitely glad I bought it - however, my experience is somewhat niche. Having absolutely no smart home accessories that are compatible with HomeKit and have only one HomePod mini means that I can barely cope with even half of what HomePod mini offers. In addition, because it is a smart home speaker, it is not meant to be carried with you wherever you go as the best Bluetooth speakers for iPhone, iPad and Mac.

That being said, it's a great speaker and it's probably the best Siri experience I've ever had with an Apple product. If you happen to be in the market for a speaker to be used in your small home or even just in a room in your home, then you could do much worse than the HomePod mini.

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