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Cupertino, April 2, 2021

There has been much discussion about Apple's decision to discontinue the original HomePod and its relationship to what will become the future of Apple Home's strategy. I highly recommend you read Zac Hall's play on this subject. This week, I want to look at the positive aspects of Apple's situation with its Home strategy. After filling my house with HomePod minis, I have now discovered how essential it is for your home to have a home assistant in every room. Read on to find out why, despite a lower quality speaker, HomePod mini and HomeKit fit perfectly for each other.

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I ordered six - Yes, six - HomePod mini when they went up for pre-order. Being someone who loves to try new technologies and already has a home full of HomeKit equipment seemed like a natural evolution in my smart home environment. After spending a few months having access to Siri and HomeKit in almost every room in my house, I am now convinced that it is the perfect product at the right price for Apple's plans to dominate the house.

HomePod mini and HomeKit make Siri incredibly reliable

Access to the HomeKit without having to think about approaching an iPhone or Apple Watch is a game changer. Because we have HomeKit in almost every room in our house, it has become quite useful to interact with it in the same space. My kids used to turn on and off the lights controlled by a smart plug, play Apple Music, or turn on their cars with white noise at bedtime.

When HomeKit is available without the need for a device in your pocket or screaming around the house, everything becomes more fluid and natural. I hate using Siri on my iOS devices, but using them via a HomePod is an incredible experience. Do you have an inspiration to listen to a song? Siri nails it to me almost every time. Do you want to turn on some exterior lights? Don't worry about grabbing your iPhone and absorbing notifications - ask Siri on your HomePod mini and get back to what you were doing. If you've been frustrated by Siri on iOS, you need to experience how reliable Apple Voice Assistant is on your HomePod mini.

Sounds good enough for Apple Music

Does the mini HomePod sound almost as good as the big HomePod? It's not even close, but it is still That's great sound in my ears. I'm not an audiophile and I don't intend to become one. Not even the vast majority of people are. If you remember, we all gave up the superior CDs for MP3s, despite the difference in quality. If you want premium sound, you probably don't even look at the HomePod mini. HomePod mini is the perfect device for people who want to have Apple Music, Siri and HomeKit in every room.

Price point close enough for Apple fans

Is Echo Dot less expensive than HomePod mini? You could buy Three Echo Dots for what you'll spend on a single HomePod mini. However, people in the Apple ecosystem have never cared about the lowest cost. When you want to participate in Apple products and the iCloud ecosystem, you're willing to pay a premium for it. If you're willing to spend extra money on HomeKit Secure camcorders, you'll be ready to spend extra money on a HomePod mini. It's no different than being willing to buy an iPad if there are less expensive tablets, even when those tablets have access to about the same apps.

Wire support

Wire has emerged in the last year as the latest way to communicate smart devices at home. Apple has incorporated protocol support with the HomePod mini and we see a variety of smart third-party products from Eve and Nanoleaf introducing support. Check out our in-depth dive on Thread to learn more about why you should be excited about technology.

Complete HomePod mini and HomeKit

If the original HomePod was built for the best sound for Apple Music, the HomePod mini is the best way to access the HomeKit with excellent Apple Music support. This product is positioned around the placement of Siri in each room and reaches the mark of this lens. If you've been on the fence about HomePod mini and HomeKit, I highly recommend you make the investment.

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