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HomeRun 2 is a powerful way to control HomeKit scenes on your iPhone or Apple Watch

HomeRun 2 is a powerful way to control HomeKit scenes on your iPhone or Apple Watch

HomeRun 2 is a powerful way to control HomeKit scenes on your iPhone or Apple Watch

One of the advantages of using HomeKit to build a smart home is that there is a robust ecosystem of third-party applications to build on experience. A few years ago, indie developer Aaron Pearce launched the popular HomeRun app for controlling HomeKit scenes from the Apple Watch.

HomeRun 2 arrives today in the App Store with several new functions for controlling the HomeKit on the Apple Watch or on the iPhone’s home screen.

Compared to its predecessor, which we analyzed in 2018, HomeRun 2 is a completely new application, which has been completely rebuilt. There are widgets for the home screen, support for multiple grids in the iOS app, new icons and colors to choose from and much more.

HomeRun 2 brings a multifunctional set of features for controlling HomeKit scenes on your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch. On the Apple Watch, you can use the HomeRun app to quickly set up HomeKit scenes, or you can add complications to the clock face to control scenes. You can set each complication to change over time so that the “Good Morning” scene appears in the morning and the “Good Night” scene appears in the evening.

If you use the Siri watch dial, there is a special feature:

We all have our own routines, and HomeRun 2 assures us that the front of the Apple Watch’s Siri watch knows everything about them. Choose the actions that are most appropriate for certain times of the day, and Siri will display them on your Apple Watch when using the face of the Siri watch.

On iPhone, you can use the HomeRun app to set HomeKit scenes or add HomeRun widgets to your Home screen. There are three widget sizes to choose from, and you can add a grid of actions or a single action to each widget. The Apple Home app doesn’t support widgets on the Home screen, so HomeRun 2 is able to easily fill that gap.

With HomeRun 2, there is a specific focus on networks. Grids allow you to set up action groups and scenes. You can create multiple action grids for certain times of the day or for different HomeKit houses.

HomeRun is also highly customizable. When you create an action grid, you can select specific icons and colors for each scene. For example, the “Good Night” scene may be dark blue with the moon icon, while the “Good Morning” scene may be bright orange with the sun icon. This attention to detail helps HomeRun stand out from the competition as a powerful and enjoyable way to create your HomeKit configuration.

HomeRun 2 is the best way to easily control HomeKit scenes on your Apple Watch or iPhone or iPad. The app is free to download, with an annual subscription of $ 4.99 to unlock most of the app’s features. There is also a live purchase of $ 19.99 in the app.

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