How do I reconnect my HomePod to Wi-Fi while traveling abroad?

Cupertino, January 31, 2021

Dear all, I have an Apple HomePod at home, as well as many HomeKit compatible security devices (cams and so on). I'm abroad now, and HomePod doesn't answer anymore - for some obscure reason I can't figure out, it's no longer connected to my home wi-fi. Therefore, none of my HomeKit compatible devices are working. This situation is very painful because I depend on these HomeKit compatible devices to keep my bedroom and things safe abroad --- and it looks like COVID-19 will keep me abroad for a few months ... I'm trying to get HomePod My phone reconnected to my home wi-fi while I'm abroad. So far I haven't been able to do that. I first told my roommate, who is still in the house, to turn off both the HomePod and Hub 3 again after a few seconds. It did, but it didn't work. I then told my roommate to allow remote access so I could play with the settings even from abroad. Following my instructions, she was able to connect to Hub 3. Unfortunately, the option to enable remote access was turned off, so she was unable to enable it. Therefore, I cannot play the settings alone. None of us know why the option is grayed out and none of us know what to do to activate it (assuming it is not possible at all). Anyway, then I thought of the Virgin Media Connect app. Fortunately, downloading the Virgin Media Connect app is not a possibility for me, as the region I chose for my device is not the UK, but rather the home country, and unfortunately the Virgin Media Connect app is only available in United Kingdom App Store. Similarly, changing the App Store region on my iPhone is not a possibility, as I am a member of a family sharing setup. Therefore, changing the region (which can only be done once a year) would be an absolute mess with all the services and subscriptions we are currently in [on a side note... Could you please make the app available in other stores? Not everybody who lives in the United Kingdom can have the United Kingdom as the region for his or her phone App Store]

It recently occurred to me that maybe my roommate can reconnect my HomePod to my home wi-fi by playing the settings on my own, but I don't know if that's actually the case. Both she and I know the MAC address of my HomePod, but I don't know if it's enough to have access to Hub 3 and know the MAC address of my HomePod to be able to reconnect it. If such a thing were possible, I do not know what steps should be followed. If what I suggest in this paragraph is possible, could someone explain to me the steps my roommate needs to follow to reconnect my HomePod to my home Wi-Fi network? If what I suggest in the paragraph above isn't a possibility, I could still ask my roommate to do a hard reset of hub 3. However, I don't know if that would reconnect. HomePod at home -fi. Could anyone tell me if this is the case? If this is feasible, what should my roommate do to hard reset Hub 3? I really hope someone can help me. I feel like I'm losing right now. And, needless to say, I am very frustrated and dissatisfied with the whole situation and the apparent lack of a feasible solution to my problem. PS: My ISP is Virgin Media [UK], if that helps. I hope you have a great day.

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