How do you see the logs or do you actually troubleshoot something?

Cupertino, January 30, 2021

So I've been using this for a while, but I found it weird. For example, there is a scene when I tell Siri to turn it on or if I turn it on on my own in the home app half the time, there are one or two Phillips lights that do not turn on or do, but the colors are wrong. Then he says, "I'm sorry I didn't make it," or something. However, I open the Hue app and it's perfect that I can control them without any problems. Other times I will press the button to activate a scene that does, but then it will say that some devices are not responding, but all are turned on, so how should you know which devices it is talking about? Which device does not respond ?? Are there really no diaries or anything here? I guess I'm a little confused, because I've been in home automation for many years using Smartthings, Wink, Vera, isy994, indigo, HomeSeer, home help, etc. and each of them has an event viewer or log files I just wonder how to do this with HomeKit, as it is very frustrating that the scenes only work 20% of the time, with no way of figuring out what the problem is. I can see her. It is almost always a philips shade that does not respond or has problems. But the Hue app always works. Just like Google Home or Alexa. I'll say hey, Siri turns on the TV's left lamp and she says she's not answering. I say turn on the right TV lamp and she does. I'm going, hey, Google or Alexa I turn on the left TV lamp and it lights up instantly. Hey siri, turn off the left TV lamp "I'm sorry the device doesn't respond". Alexa turns off the left TV lamp without any problems!

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