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How does Siri handle HomeKit sensitive commands?

Hi all,

Sorry, first of all, if this has already been asked, but I couldn’t find it anywhere in a few searches.

I will be moving soon and integrating HomeKit into many other aspects of our new place. So far, they were just lights, sensors, etc., but I’m looking at incorporating HomeKit options for a home security system (Abode), locks (Level) and a garage door opener (undetermined brand). We have a HomePod and it left me thinking: I obviously want HomeKit convenience / connectivity, but I also want the house to stay as secure as possible. How does Siri handle requests that can give access to its own home?

1. If I pull into the car (this doesn’t have CarPlay, unfortunately) and ask Siri to open the garage door, will I need authentication (TouchID in this case)?
2. If I get home and the security system starts counting down, can I just tell Siri to disarm the alarm? If so, will it (hopefully) require some sort of authentication so that a random person cannot do the same?
3. If I’m out, can I ask Siri to unlock the front door of the Apple Watch?

With a company like Apple, I’m sure they thought about it, but I wanted to see for the first time what other people’s experiences with sensitive HomeKit commands were. I really appreciate any advice or links that might be helpful.