How I added HomeKit control to my switch-controlled gas fireplace

Cupertino, July 27, 2023

Trying this again since the first time posting was removed for some reason...

I shared a ( of Siri turning on/off my switch-controlled gas fireplace and there was some interest in how I added HomeKit control so I figured I'd share the parts and basic steps taken to get it set up.

The whole process is pretty simple. All you have to do is remove your fireplace cover to access the ignition components, install a smart outlet and relay, and close everything back up. The total cost of the parts was just under $60 USD and everything used is available on Amazon.

Before proceeding, you should check your fireplace ignition components to verify this will work for you. You should also check to make sure you have a power outlet available under your fireplace. If you have a millivolt ignition system and switch control already, chances are you'll be able to use these same parts to get your fireplace added to HomeKit.


* Fireplace relay switch. I ordered [this]( one.
* Smart outlet. If your fireplace is like mine, you will probably want something small/compact to make sure everything will fit. I ordered [this]( one by Wemo.
* (Optional) Two-prong to three-prong outlet adapter. The smart outlet has a ground but the outlet receptacle under my fireplace did not. I ordered [these]( to fix that. Your fireplace may have a three-prong receptacle installed already so you may not need this adapter.


1. Should go without saying but obviously you'll want to first make sure your fireplace is off and the components are cool before proceeding.
2. Remove the grate/cover from your fireplace to expose the wiring and ignition system. In my fireplace these items were directly below the fireplace itself, in between it and the floor.
3. If you order the same fireplace relay switch, the manufacturer has [instructions]( with photos on how to install it. Installation is very simple. There are four wires on the relay - two male, two female. If you have a switch control, you will disconnect the switch wire from the ignition control system and connect it to the corresponding two wires on the relay. Then you'll connect the remaining two wires on the relay to the same terminals you removed the switch wire from just before.
4. Plug in your smart outlet to the receptacle under/around your fireplace and follow the manufacturer instructions to get it added to HomeKit.
5. Once your outlet is set up, make sure it's toggled off, and then plug in the USB AC adapter that came with the fireplace relay switch. Then plug in the USB-A to micro-USB cable and connect the micro USB end to the fireplace relay.
6. You're done. Before closing everything up, you should try to toggle on the smart outlet from the Home app to confirm it works. If it does, you can put your grate/cover back on and enjoy the convenience of using Siri/the Home app to control your fireplace!

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