How is HomeKit used when half 2/4 of my household members do not use it? Or if half the house unintentionally sabotages its usefulness? Details in the post.

Cupertino, October 6, 2021

Hello. Sorry if this is a stupid question or not the best sub. Please direct me elsewhere / remove if yes! TLDR: My household is my wife, me, a 3-year-old child and a 3-week-old child. My wife and I bought a pre-wired house with a smart home system, but the system is country specific, with few applicable changes or new products that work with that system. (Americans living in Spain - the pre-installed system is a company called Golmar / Yokis). I use smart household items on my phone and iPad ... while my wife and 3-year-old use switches. When those 2 flip switches, all my HomeKit work is questionable, like everything ... NO ANSWER. So, I slowly changed everything in HomeKit (or things compatible with Philips Bridge). At the moment we only use smart sockets, sockets, Hue lighting ... * And by WE I mean ME. * The question is kind of twice: 1. With a newborn and a 3-year-old child, (a) my wife is too ... frantic ... to start using her phone and screens for HomeKit thing. Turn the switches non-stop. And when the switch is turned upside down, I can't really control anything ("NO ANSWER"). What do I do with all this work if at the end of the day 90% of things don't work because a switch has been manually overturned? 2. Maybe I'm too new to know about a work, but starting today, the only way I can make it easier for her is to wait until the kids get older, or put up screens / iPad mini throughout the house. Or am I missing something? So yes ... is there a bypass for people who manually turn the switches, which makes my smart technology at home questionable? And changing our pre-existing screen from the old (bad) company to the iPad mini ... how hard is this route - both in terms of installation and in terms of installation? Sorry for the long post, I hope I didn't run too much;) Thanks!

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