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How to automate shutters?

How to automate shutters?


What would be the current, easiest way to integrate some “official” roller shutters into the Apple HomeKit? I don’t want to buy RasperryPi, or use HomeBridge or any other solution. I own a lot of Eve products and Philips Hue products (respectively a bridge). My apartment also has some outdoor electric shutters, which work with a simple up / down switch (but as they say, not in a “smart” way). Due to my research, I found 2 possible solutions and I am not fully satisfied with:

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1. FIBARO 3 roller shutter + Homee base station + home ie Homee Z Wave
2. Wait for Bosch Smart Home Controller to support HomeKit (announced for 2020) + the respective shutter switch

Do you have any other “easy” ideas? What was announced, but I still haven’t noticed?