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How to connect HomeKit devices to Apple TV

How to connect HomeKit devices to Apple TV

Hi all

I’m doing my first dive in HomeKit, I currently have Alexa, but I feel like I want conditional control of a few things. I bought some Meross smart sockets that are ready for HomeKit and I will install them when I get home later.

My main question is that I intend to configure them directly only with homekit and not through the Meross application, so how will these smart sockets connect to my Apple TV hub? Normally, these things connect via wifi or one of the other protocols.

The reason I ask is to normally connect these types of devices to my IoT WiFi network to separate them from my personal devices. If I connect it directly to HomeKit does it use bluetooth or is it smart enough to put it on the same WiFi network as the Apple TV hub? If the latter will have to move my Apple TV to my IoT network, as it is currently on the private one.

Appreciate any advice

Thank you