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How to control a space heater with an IR remote control from homekit?

How to control a space heater with an IR remote control from homekit?

Previously I had a bad space heater connected to a smart Wemo socket and I could turn the heater on and off easily via HomeKit, because the space heater had a mechanical on / off switch that remained in the same position when the power was interrupted by the wemo socket intelligence.

Now my wife has bought a new space heater to replace it, and this new heater is digitally controlled so she can’t remember to turn it on when the power is off, so it can’t just be restarted with the Wemo plug.

But the new space heater has an infrared remote control that can switch power and change the temperature and speed settings of the fan.

Is there a HomeKit IR blaster that can “learn” from the space heater remote control so that you can at least turn it on and off via HomeKit? I’ve seen a few IR blasters, but they seem to have a predefined list of equipment they work with.

I suspect the IR remote power button is just a switch, not discrete on / off codes, so it would be impossible to know if it is actually turned on or off by command, unless I also use the wemo jack to turn it on. power outlet. and have the heater in a known shutdown state, so maybe I think the HomeKit command to turn on the heater would be the first power to the wemo socket, then wait a few seconds, then send the power switch to the heater IR?