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How to get started with Homekit lights with a hub?

How to get started with Homekit lights with a hub?

Hi all,

I recently bought a 10 GBP Ikea TRÅDFRI bulb with dimmer / switch. Pretty cheap and nothing fancy, but I fell in love with how easy it is to dim the light on my lamp according to our needs (dinner, movie, etc …). Now, I would like to expand the arrangement with something cheap to control with my voice, but I still have physical control for my wife. We have iPhones at home and Alexa, which is quite temperamental 😂, but we use it for Roomba, Spotify on Sonos and LG TV controls. So, we would like to extend the lights with something compatible with Homekit only in case we get rid of Alexa in the future.

I looked at the TRÅDFRI Hub, because it is cheap and will work with my Ikea lights to set up scenes for welcome home, dinner time, movie time, etc. Hue lights, but they are more expensive than Ikea. I’m a little confused about which way to go, as there are many decisions to consider when shopping in a hub, as it will determine the future of the devices you can buy, the platform you can use them with and the communication with other devices in outside the same brand of bulbs.

I would really appreciate some advice on which direction to take and any recommendation is welcome.

Thank you in advance.