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How to get started with HomeKit

How to get started with HomeKit

We’re closing our first house in a few weeks. It is a two-story master ( ~ 2000sqm) in Atlanta, with a master suite upstairs and two bedrooms on the main level. I’m curious about how to get started with HomeKit. We already use Apple TV 4K, which I understand would have been used as a “hub”. Immediate image:

– Air conditioning: A kind of thermostat and possibly blinds for some rooms

– Lighting: Do I understand that now, when we own a house, smart switches are the way to go?

– Security: Locks and cameras

& # x200B;

These seem to be the “basics” and should be easily accessible and within our budget.

What would be your next move to really improve the experience? Is there anything I should consider with this basic entry that I seem to be missing?