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How to get the most out of IKEA Tradfri

Hey people 🙂 We are currently upgrading our house step by step to a Smarthome HomeKit. Since we have rooms with up to ten GU10 LED spotlights in the ceiling, we opted for IKEA Tradfri, because they offer them at a reasonable price (less than half compared to Hue). However, the Tradfri integration for HomeKit is missing a bit … Here are my main issues:

* I cannot connect new bulbs only with the help of remote controls. It is not possible to connect them directly to the gateway.
* Tradfri motion sensors are not compatible with HomeKit.

Do you know how to address these issues? What other (cheap) motion sensors can you recommend?

I read about using Tradfri + Philips Hue Gateway & Homebridge. Is it a pleasant solution? I am very grateful for any tricks and tips I can receive or even for a link to a useful (and complete) tutorial. As a final note: I set this up for my parents’ house, so ease of use and easy maintenance are important to me.