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How to make custom wallpapers for Home applications with HomePaper for HomeKit

How to make custom wallpapers for Home applications with HomePaper for HomeKit

The new HomePaper app for HomeKit allows you to quickly customize the look of your Apple home app with a soft look – with no problems.

With the app, simply select a photo from your iPhone or iPad camera or take a new one. Then you can quickly adjust the color (s) and create your own custom wallpaper for the Home app. There is no problem with a complicated image editor or the necessary resizing.

Here’s how to use HomePaper, which runs on iPhone and iPad, to give your Home app the remodeling it deserves.

Make custom wallpapers for your Apple Home app

HomePaper for HomeKit has a simple to use interface.  It's easy to create custom wallpapers for your Apple Home app.
HomePaper’s easy-to-use interface makes it easy to create custom wallpapers for your Home application.
Photo: Lewis Wallace / Cult of Mac


First, you need to configure everything. Download HomePaper from the App Store. It’s free to try, but this only gives you one wallpaper.

After downloading, open the HomePaper app. If you’re using the Home app on both your iPhone and iPad, sign in settings. Under the Application settings, Select Generate for iPad. HomePaper will then produce two versions of the wallpaper – one optimized for each device. If you have only one device, you can skip this step.

Choose your image

Still in the HomePaper app, tap photos icon in the upper left corner. Touch library to use an existing photo or camera to take a new one. A portion of the image you select will appear at the top right of the wallpaper you are creating, tastefully monochrome to blend with the color gradient selected in the next step.

Change colors and opacity

Now it’s time to adjust the color of the wallpaper. The easiest option is to select a color gradient by tapping the button icon with the four squares, then tapping to pick a favorite.

If you want to go deeper, you can create your own gradient. Two circles separated by arrows allow you to select the desired colors at the top and bottom of the wallpaper. Touch one of the circles, and you will see three ways to select the perfect color: Grille, Spectrum and Sliders. Each option provides an intuitive way to select the desired color for your starting point. uses Opacity slider at the bottom to select the perfect level of translucency.

Play with the image, colors and opacity until you get just the look you want. Once you’ve solved everything, just tap export icon in the lower left corner of the HomePaper app. An “Exported!” the message will let you know that the app has added the wallpaper to your photo library.

Add the custom wallpaper to the Home app

Now it’s time to install the new Home app background. Open Home application and go to the tab for the room you want to change. In that tab, tap Home icon top left, then tap Room settings from the pop-up window. Under the Room wallpaper, Select Choose from Existing. Under the Photos, Touch recently. The custom wallpaper you just created will be waiting for you in your photo library. Touch the newly created wallpaper, then tap Set. Finally, tap Finished to see what it looks like in the Home app.

Why customize the Home app?

If you’re one of the hordes of people who angrily change the home screen of your iPhone in iOS 14, you already know that giving your device a personalized look is your own reward.

I find that using different wallpaper colors for each room makes it easier to navigate the Home app. Adding a portrait of a coworker to indicate their bedroom or a capture of the wonderful Mac setup to designate your office will give the Sterile Home app a personal, lived-in feel.

HomePaper for HomeKit is free to try. However, this only gives you one wallpaper export. If you like it, a purchase of 99 cents in the app unlocks unlimited exports.

And while you’re in the App Store, check out HomeRun – one of our favorite Apple Watch apps – and other HomeKit-related apps from HomePaper developer Pearce Media Limited. These are quality things.

Price: Free, with in-app purchase

Download from: App Store (iOS)