How to set up all iCloud + features in iOS 15

Cupertino, October 23, 2021

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Check out how you can set up all the iCloud + features in iOS 15

If you're already paying Apple for extra iCloud storage above your regular 5GB, or if you're starting to pay in the future, you'll receive a number of new services as part of an iCloud + subscription. iCloud + is now available with iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 and will be included in macOS Monterey when it launches later this year.

The price of iCloud remains the same, so in the US, 1 USD (1 USD) per month gives you 50 GB of cloud storage, 3 USD (4 USD) gives you 200 GB and 10 USD (14 USD) gives you 2 TB. iCloud + is also available as part of the Apple One, which starts at $ 15 ($ 20) per month. The only benefit of iCloud + that varies depending on how much storage you pay for is the HomeKit video device feature (more on that in a minute).

Here's everything you need to know about iCloud +, including what you get and how it works.

Private streaming iCloud

iCloud Private Relay is part of the work of a VPN (virtual private network) to protect your internet traffic against espionage. Data sent to and from your devices is transmitted by two separate relays or internet nodes: the first operated by Apple, the second by one of Apple's content providers.

Along the way, you're given a temporary IP address (the detail that indicates your location on the web) and DNS records (details of the websites you visit) are encrypted. Neither Apple, nor your internet service provider, nor anyone looking to create an advertising profile about you, can see who you are or the sites you are viewing.

ICloud Private Relay is only active when you browse the web via Safari. To turn it on in iOS 15 or iPadOS 15, open Settings, tap your name, and then choose iCloud and Private relay. If you are using macOS Monterey, open System Preferences and choose Apple ID later iCloud To find Private relay option. Get a setting, which is to completely hide your IP address.

Hide my email

Apple's efforts to protect your privacy extend to your email address. Hide My Email does exactly what the name suggests - it gives you randomly generated one-time email addresses that you can use to sign up for new accounts, digital subscriptions, or whatever you want. All addresses are unique and all are redirected to your iCloud email account. If you need to block email from a specific source, close the email address.

This feature was available wherever Connecting to Apple before iCloud + was supported, but is now available on Apple devices, Safari email address fields, and the iCloud web portal. Apple does not read any of the content that passes through your email addresses, although the usual spam filtering is still performed.

There are several ways to find the Hide My Email feature. On iPhone and iPad, from settings, tap your name, then choose iCloud and Hide my email. On a Mac, choose Apple ID in System Preferences, then iCloud and elections by Hide my email. From iCloud on the web, choose Account settings later Manage From lower Hide my email.

Custom email domain

If you want to set up a custom email domain to be used in various Apple email applications, the custom email domain allows you to do just that. However, you must already have a domain name; Unfortunately, you can't just compose the domain name you want and then set up an appropriate email inbox to use.

Once you connect your domain name to your iCloud account, you'll be able to use several different addresses with it, one for business and one for personal matters, perhaps. Up to five domain names are supported, with up to three email addresses for each. If you use iCloud + with Family Sharing, you can have separate domain names and email addresses for each family member.

You need to visit iCloud on the web to set up this feature - click Account settings and then choose Manage From lower Custom email domain. The first question you will be asked is whether the custom domain is just for you or is it for you and your family; then you can enter the domain name and follow the steps to configure it.

HomeKit Secure Video Support

It feels quite modified and is perhaps the least interesting of the iCloud + features, but it's there if you need it. HomeKit Secure Video support means that if you have a HomeKit-compatible security camera at home, you can save your images to iCloud, where it will be encrypted from end to end and visible from anywhere.

In addition, the clips will be scanned privately by your home center to determine if people, pets, or cars are present, and you will also receive a notification if any movement is detected. The last 10 days of activity can be viewed through the Home app, which is where you can set up your cameras and add the HomeKit Secure Video feature to them, assuming you can find models that support it, of course.

This is the only iCloud + feature in which capabilities change depending on how much money Apple offers each month. Pay for a 50 GB (1 USD (1 USD) per month) room and get HomeKit Secure Video support for one room, pay 200 GB (3 USD (4 USD)) and get support for five rooms and pay 2TB (10 USD) 14 USD))) and get assistance for an unlimited number of rooms.

Final words: How to configure all iCloud + features in iOS 15

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