How to update the AIPHONE intercom system (with electric weight) at HomeKit

Cupertino, October 5, 2021

WARNING: I am not an electrician, please consult a certified electrician before doing any of the following. I recently bought a house that was pre-wired with AIPHONE (JO-1MDW main unit and JO-DA bell), I have an electric shock that opens the closed street door, then after the closed door, it is the door of my house and 2 other doors for neighboring units. Therefore, this AIPHONE intercom system is currently used to unlock the closed street door mentioned above, which is especially useful for the delivery courier to place parcels in the closed secure area, even when they are not at home. This system works well, but the app crashes about 30% of the time when you try to unlock the electric strike, then crashes out of the system for about 2-3 minutes, just the perfect time for the delivery courier to leave. So frustrating, see the screenshot belowâ & # x20AC; & # x2122;

[The AIPHONE Intercom System ]( So I thought about how to update my system, my current. I traced the wiring of the AIPHONE system, which could be useful to understand where I am coming from. & # x200B;

[The AIPHONE JO Series Wiring]( Note: Although not listed above, there are 4 threads above. It has nothing to do with either side. So, directing the power to a HomeKit bell was the easy part, the difficult part was connecting the two wires coming in from the electric strike (connecting the two wires would trigger the door unlocking). My first thought was to just put a WiFi Wemo plug in front of the AC adapter, but that would mean that while the power is connected to the Wemo plug, the door will remain unlocked. (AKA, connect = door unlock, disconnect = door locked). I need a way to control how long there was electricity for the electric shock. My current AIPHONE system unlocks it for about 5 seconds. We came up with two solutions: Solution A: HomeKit has a way to create an automation to turn off the switch after restarting it, see the rules below: 1. When: Wemo plug is on 2. Wait X seconds 3. Then set Wemo plug it off. This works like 99% of the time, but I was still worried if there was a reset from a power outage or a problem arose, that the front gate will remain unlocked. I didn't want to rely 100% on software automation to secure the blocked electric strike again after a certain period of time. I need some kind of hardware guarantee that the switch will turn off after X seconds. So then comes solution B: Solution B: Use a Gaeyaele Delay Off hardware module! Specifically the GRT8-B1 delay module. 1. Connect connect a DC or AC power source to A1 (+) and A2 (-) 2. Set the time you want the delay to with two values: time and percentage. For example, if you want 6 seconds, set the time to 10 seconds, then the percentage to 60% (10s * .60 = 6s) 3. Then the bottom of the module has 2 different sets of DRY contacts that you can, 15 & 18 which is N / O or normally open circuit and 15 & 16 which is N / C or normally closed circuit. N / O means that the door is normally locked (no electricity flowing through the open circuit), so that's what I was with my door. The best part is that you can use Solution A and B together, A will set Wemo plug back to off, so you have to press the action once to reactivate it next time. B, it will ensure if there is ever an error with HomeKit automation off, it will ensure that the power is interrupted within the time specified on the hardware module itself, acting as a backup. Here's how to set up wiring in the new system:

[HomeKit System with Electric Strike control]( And so I configured for Solution A:

[Solution A configuration]( a button right there to unlock the electric knock on the door ... this screenshot was taken while I was still testing the bell inside my house. & # x200B;

[HomeKit on Apple TV with option for unlocking electric strike]( I've been using it for only a few days, but here are my thoughts ... Logitech sometimes overheats (my bell is facing south, no shadow) phone call), which means I could miss an opportunity to unlock the closed door for the person delivering. So I could try Netatmo Doorbell, because it doesn't seem to care about the heat. Or maybe Logitech will eventually address the issue of overheating, idk. But ringtone notifications will probably be the only difference after that. But it is much more frustrating and annoying to be blocked from unlocking your door than to miss a notification to unlock the door.

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