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How to use LG LED TVs with HomeKit & AirPlay 2 & Apple TV app–What it can/can’t do.

How to use LG LED TVs with HomeKit & AirPlay 2 & Apple TV app–What it can/can’t do.

How to use LG LED TVs with HomeKit & AirPlay 2 & Apple TV app--What it can/can't do.

**Scenario:** Putting in a Home Gym in the heated garage and the AV support items. Currently in the garage has eero Pro mesh wi-fi, 3 WeMo switches, Liftmaster garage door opener, iDevices thermostat connected to a very old but refurbished Reznor natural gas heater, plus one HomePod installed and a second for stereo pairing in hand. I have two Polk Audio “outdoor” speakers installed as well for future AVR to power in sync with HomePods for sound.

**Added an LG UHD TV #43UN7300 (from Best Buy) which boasts: HomeKit, AirPlay2, WebOS with multitude of steaming apps including Apple TV.**

I did not do a lot of research as the choices for the above features were limited, so bought and hoped for the best. **I’m still a novice with the TV, please post if you have suggestions and additional information that may help others.** Here’s the verdict so far:

**HomeKit.** TV will need a firmware update before HomeKit options will show up in the setup menu. After connecting TV to home wi-fi and turning TV off/on, pop-up asked if I wanted to update the firmware. After the firmware updated, the HomeKit option existed and TV generated a HomeKit code and all connected easily. Generally the microphone used for my system is the HomePod. I can say “Siri, Turn the Garage TV on/off,” and Siri complies. Can see in Home app if the TV is off/on from an Apple device. I don’t know that you can do much more (select channels, etc), will edit post if additional siri commands are discovered.

**Airplay2**. *This is my biggest disappointment.* Had expected the TV (via the built in AppleTV app) to allow you to selected the HomePods for sound. This feature doesn’t exist. Here’s what I found after a little research, beginning with Apple: []( . This link also has the discussion: [](

**Basically: LG TVs act as an AirPlay receiver, and is unable to AirPlay from the TV to a HomePod.**

I call “false advertising!” If it says “AirPlay 2, I expected the TV to be able to *send* the signal to the HomePod, especially since there is an Apple TV app built right in (but missing the features like selecting external speakers you’d find on a real Apple TV hardware box). The below link and *LG’s marketing* made it sound like one could *send* sound from the TV to the HomePods–never says you can straight out nor does it say you can’t–so one *reasonably assumes*…


Receiver?? Why would I want to send sound to my TV’s speakers (okay, I guess if from a phone or iPad would improve your sound performance–but that’s about it). Like me, I think most will want to send sound OUT from the TV to an Apple device (mostly a HomePod).

Down the road, I had planned on adding a Denon AVR compatible with AirPlay/Homekit (Denon AVR-S750H Receiver, 7.2 Channel 165W x 7 – 4K Ultra HD $499) which I believe will allow sound from the TV/tuner/other accessories plugged into the AVR to be sent to the HomePods (as well as the two sets of wired speakers in separate zones “garage” and “patio”) at the cost of $499. And/Or, of course, the little Apple TV hardware box would allow one to output sound to the HomePods (another $199 for the 4K version). Hopefully, I won’t need both? Not sure. May need to spend more sooner than expected.

**WebOS Apple TV app**. So I was hoping this was a fully-functional app the same as you’d have if purchasing Apple TV hardware (I knew better, but was hoping). Very similar menu set-up, but leaner–missing all but the basic features of an Apple TV. One can access Apple Library of movie/tv purchases, but not one’s Apple music account, you can access your Apple TV+ account if you subscribe. Menu is limited as shown below. Note the pink ‘shopping basket’ icon is the LG store where one can find all kinds of streaming apps. I don’t think HBO Max is a choice, however, nor have I figured out if I can access my HBO Max subscription from the Apple TV app.

[LG Magic remote pointer is on the Apple TV app. Click!](

[Up comes the Apple TV app and a person can sign into their iCloud Apple Account to see their Library (TV and Movie purchases only, not Music or Music Videos). Also, not sure if you can access apps for which you subscribe through Apple (HBO Max, for instance, in my case).](

[Very simple menu. Your account info above \”General\” that I’m not showing and a long \”Privacy\” menu that I’m mostly cut out of the picture.](

On the bright side, the TV, via a cheap digital antenna that I strung through the wall and into the attic gets crystal clear, digital signal from the air for FREE (like your local channels) and the TV is packed with FREE channels as part of the LG webOS channel line-up. The 43″ size for the garage is adequate for the home gym and provides sharp video to follow along YouTube or internet workouts–plus the soon to be Apple Fitness+ workouts. Sound coming from TV is good.

**I just wish it was “ready out of the box” to access Apple Music/Library and send audio signal to HomePods.**

Hope this helps if you too are looking at creating such a system…