How to use Siri to control Spotify on your HomePod and iPhone

Cupertino, October 9, 2019

The closed garden of Apple has just opened a small window. Or build a door. Choose your metaphor, but the company finally lets users play Spotify music with Siri.

Until now, Siri was exclusively DJ for Apple Music, but under iOS 13, Apple opened its third-party application wizard.

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The change comes in the last update of Spotify for iPhone, but also in time for the application Spotify Apple TV, which has just released.

We played with Siri and Spotify to determine how it works and does not work. Here is what you need to know.

How to configure Siri with Spotify

The installation is a kid's game, but may involve several updates. First, update your iOS device on iOS 13 if you have not already done so.

If you are already there, make sure that it is also updated at the last iteration. this deployment has been more tedious than usual, but we use the latest version of iOS 13 and most of the problems seem to have been solved.

You must also make sure that Spotify is up to date. Go to the App Store, find the Spotify app and select it. You should see an update waiting for you.

That's done? OK fine. You're almost there. Now, do the following.

1. Give Siri a Spotify command on your iOS device, for example, "Hey Siri, play Pixies on Spotify".
2. Siri will ask you for permission to access Spotify. Tap Yes.
3. Your music should start.

Otherwise, the following message may appear: "To do this, you must check the details of your account in Spotify". Ignore it, open Spotify, make sure you're signed in, and try again. We received this message and even though we were connected to Spotify, it was enough to open the application and try again with Siri.

How to use Siri to control Spotify on HomePod and AirPlay speakers

Currently, you can not use Siri on the HomePod to play Spotify music, but we managed to play Siri on the HomePod from our iPhone. Commands like "Hey Siri, play Pedro The Lion on Spotify on HomePod" are currently working.

The same goes for the other AirPlay speakers in your system. We've just had success with "Hey Siri, play Springsteen on Spotify with living room speakers" and play it instantly in our Sonos living room setup.

It's a bit clogged, yes, but unfortunately it's the only option until Apple allows us to set Spotify as the default music service. There is no sign that will happen, but we can dream ...

You can also transfer music to the HomePod or other AirPlay speakers from your iOS device as a song or playlist. Just say "Hey Siri, transfer music to HomePod" and the transfer will be done. The same goes for the transfer of music on Apple TV.

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