How to use the redesigned Apple Watch Home app

Cupertino, October 21, 2021

While Apple has included a Home app on the Apple Watch for several years, it has always been a later thought for anyone who wants to control and interact with HomeKit compatible devices. But starting with watchOS 8, Apple has given the app a much-needed review.

Let's take a look at how to use the redesigned Apple Watch Home app and how you can control all of your smart home devices from your wrist.

A quick status update

Home application status

The first big change is obvious immediately after opening the application on the watch. As with the Home app for iPhone and iPad, you'll notice a series of symbols that provide an update on all your HomeKit-compatible devices.

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With just a quick glance, you can easily see which lights are on, the temperature range around the house, whether the front door is locked, and more. Touching a status symbol will display more information and allow you to control devices with just one touch.

It's a great addition and brings the app closer to its counterparts for the bigger screen.

Anyone with a mini HomePod or HomePod will also notice the Intercom symbol at the top of the app. You can touch this and broadcast a message to the whole household or just the speaker of a certain room.

Room-by-room control

Home App Room Control

Smart home fans can have a number of devices in different rooms. And the redesigned Home app lets you more easily interact and control the accessories in each room.

Scroll down to the bottom of the app on your Apple Watch with Digital Crown or your finger on the screen. You can see all the different rooms that you have customized for a house. Just select one to see specific information about these devices. And as a nice touch, the status bar is available at the top of each room's page.

View all your rooms

Apple Watch Home App Rooms

The variety of HomeKit rooms has continued to grow. And the Home app now makes it easy to see what's going on at home, no matter where you are.

You can see the new camera by scrolling down the main screen of the app and choosing Cameras. There will be a thumbnail image of the last view from the camera and when it was captured.

Select a specific room to see a live view of what's happening. If you have a HomeKit ringtone, you can hear and talk to the person at the front door, all from your wrist.

Introducing intelligence into a smart home

The Home app adds some intelligence to make a smart home even better.

When a smart home device is activated, you can open the Home app and see suggestions for interacting with other nearby products. If someone rings your doorbell, opening the Home app will display options such as turning on a porch light or unlocking the front door.

Scenes are also another great way to customize how you interact with a smart home. And with the Home app, you can see suggested scenes that you often use depending on the time of day.

As with previous versions of watchOS, you can quickly access the Home app by adding a complication to the clock face for one-touch access.

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Better control of the smart home from an Apple Watch

Especially if you have a number of smart devices at home, the redesigned Home app on the Apple Watch makes it easy to control and interact with locks, cameras and more directly from your wrist.

And beyond the new-looking Home app, watchOS 8 offers a number of great features for Apple Watch users, including new watch faces and better ways to communicate.

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