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Hue / Osram / IKEA?

Hue / Osram / IKEA?

Hi, I’m pretty new to this. I want to upgrade my GU10 bulbs to be smart. The important thing for me is that they support the new natural feature of the day.

I have a very large room directly under the roof. It is separated into 3 zones.
The main part I want to update is with my bed and desk. It has 3 bulbs in total.
Then there is the stairwell and a desk / drawer that I often use.
There is also the side with a sofa and a TV, but I rarely use it. So this is my lowest priority.

The whole room would be 9 bulbs.

What would make more sense:
– 3x Philips Hue for 48 € + 25 € Pod
– 5x IKEA Tradfri for 45 € + 25 € Hue Bridge

If you have any other recommendations, please let me know. Which of these would be a better value?