I am tired and feeling defeated...

Cupertino, July 28, 2023

I've been a huge ambassador for most things Apple and the whole ecosystem and what not. A year or 2 ago I got really into smart home things and Homekit was obviously my avenue for that being the Apple fanboy I am. When I finally purchased my first home, I was extremely excited to put all that to practice in my own house.


House is 2200 sq. ft. ranch with a finished basement. Our internet provider uses Plume pods for mesh wifi. We have the main router and modem in a central location sitting on top of a desk. The 2nd Plume pod is in the basement essentially directly below the main one upstairs. I usually get between 400-500 MBPS down and 10-20 up (they're currently installing fiber in our neighborhood so this will change in the next few months). But this seemed like it was plenty for my smart home ambitions.


\- 18 Philips Hue bulbs/lights and plan on getting more down the road (Hue bridge is also being used). I have 3 Hue motion sensors as well.

\- Newer model Ecobee thermostat

\- 3 Aqara G2H pro cameras

\- Meross smart garage door opener

\- 5 Homepod minis (all upstairs)

\- 1 Apple TV 4k (2 of the Minis being used for stereo)

\- I also have 2 OG Homepods and another Apple TV 4k that will be used in the basement but are currently not plugged in or being used


All this to say, I've invested heavily to build up my smart home in Homekit.


When everything works, it couldn't be more perfect and I am able to just bask in smart home glory. But more often than not, and definitely more often than it should consider the monetary investment into all of these products, accessories will just not respond at random. The Homepods tend to go out a lot, followed by the thermostat, and then the garage door opener. In the last week, the entire house has gone unresponsive 2 or 3 times.


My typical fix in to just shut off the network for a few minutes. I turn it back on, and everything reconnects and works fine. But it always goes back out at some point.


For instance, last night, we were at a 4th of July party. We wanted to check on our dog, but alas, the cameras were all unresponsive. As was the garage door opener and the thermostat.


I'm not sure if there is something I'm missing or maybe I'm overloading my network? I have no idea how to proceed to have less outages.


Is there anything I can do to help this so that I can keep my sanity?



I should add that all of these products will continue to work fine in their respective apps even though they are showing as unresponsive in Homekit.

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