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I broke my HomeKit

I broke my HomeKit

I was in the process of moving the Hue Bridge from a DHCP address to a static address – then boom! everything in Homekit was broken – even the non-Hue things. Aqara, Ikea, Homebridge and Hue – all do not answer. Frankly, I changed my Hue IP address back to its old address to no avail. After disconnecting my HomePod, which is my main home hub (I also have an AppleTV and other HomePods) and the Hue Hub – I finally got the Home app to recolonize all the Hue bulbs again.

I continued to frantically touch the IKEA blinds in the Home app and they finally started responding again.

But Aqara will not appear as responding in the Home app. Everything works fine in the Aqara app, but the Home app shows all Aqara devices as unresponsive – and I haven’t even reached the Aqara IP address.

Any advice other than having to redo my entire house setup would be appreciated again.