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I can’t choose a playlist when adding a Sonos to a scene, but I could do it two days ago!

I can’t choose a playlist when adding a Sonos to a scene, but I could do it two days ago!

Two days ago, when I received iOS 14, I was looking at the “discount” options in Health. For a long time I had a scene that turns off the lights in the living room, then turns on the bedroom lights. (It’s a small two-room apartment.) I’d tried to add music to it before (turn on the bedroom lights and play music in the bedroom), but I’ve always had problems, so I gave up for a while.

With the new iOS, something has changed and there was a new option in HomeKit to add a speaker to a scene and select a playlist for it (from my Apple Music library) and set random play. I tried it and it worked great! For two days!

Yesterday I noticed that I had the error “the home hub is not connected” that some noticed – Apple TV was on and thought it was connected, the iPhone said no. I restarted Apple TV, disconnected and connected to iCloud and that solved the hub connection situation. But then at night, I put the TV to sleep manually as I always do, then I ran the bedtime scene – the lights changed, the music started, but Apple TV woke up again, even though it wasn’t supposed to be affected by the scene . When I slept the TV again, the music stopped on Sonos in the bedroom. It hadn’t worked that way in the last two nights!

Anyway, I gave it up for the night. But this morning, trying to rebuild the scene, when I add the Sonos speaker to the stage and select “choose sound”, the only options that appear to me now are “Listen now”, “Browse” and “Radio”. There is no longer a menu option to get to my real Apple Music library. But he was only there two days ago! I tried to remove the speaker and add it again. Still the same. I saw that there was an update of the patch for iOS, updated to that, just the same.

I can get to my music library well through the Sonos app itself, but somehow not through a HomeKit scene.

Any thoughts or suggestions on anything else I would try would be welcome.