I finished the transition from Smartthings to HomeKit (especially). Here's what I did.

Cupertino, October 5, 2021

I had an unfortunate event in which 6 of my GE drives (Jasco) were fried due to a wrong connection to an unplugged socket when I connected a pressure washer. I decided to replace the few functional ones with HomeKit switches, because I already had an Apple TV 4K. I went with Meross switches for a few reasons: 1) They're cheap - I've had a huge loss of switches from faulty wiring in my house and I'd rather not lose a handful of $ 70 switches because I plugged in again. 2) They have (almost) all the use cases I need - unipolar, 3-way, single-pole, and 3-way. The only thing missing is the multi-speed fan. 3) They are actually decent and I didn't have any weird problems, as I did with the GE switches with LED bulbs. The only problem is that there is only one multispeed fan switch for the HomeKit. Just so you know, a multispeed fan switch has 3 power settings for High Medium and Low for a fan motor. This way you do not have to touch the fan pull cord again. Set it to sea with the cable and use the multispeed switch to control its speed. Unfortunately, Lutron is the only homekit compatible switch and you need their controller to integrate it into HomeKit. So for just two switches, you're already talking about a few hundred dollars. Fortunately, the two switches on my multispeed fan didn't fry despite being on the same circuits as the others. My existing configuration was a Samsung Smartthings hub, which does not immediately integrate with HomeKit. I also have an older Yale lock with a zwave module on the front door that is also integrated with Smartthings. The first thing I did was replace the dead switches so I could light most of my house again. This was a slight change (and I have some expertise in home electrical wiring, so I managed to do this myself) Then I bought a zero w pi, loaded Homebridge on it, and added it to my HomeKit setting. . At first I tried to install Openzwave and use a zwave USB controller, but I had problems installing the plugin and I finally got to a point where I couldn't get over the error that occurred during the installation. So I went with plan B. I installed a Smartthings plugin on Homebridge, I installed Smartapp for HomeKit on Smartthings (this required cutting and pasting a code in the Smartthings portal to create a custom Smartapp, connecting my Samsung account with an account Github and then I entered some data back into the Homebridge plugin to link the two.) After doing this, I was able to add the 2 fan switches and lock the door into the HomeKit via Homebridge. It wasn't the cleanest way to do it this way and I was hoping to eliminate the need for the Smartthings hub, but since I already had the fan switches and the hub, it only cost me $ 35 for pi zero w to integrate the rest of the house in the HomeKit. So far everything is working great and I've set up a shortcut widget on my phone to put the house in "night" mode - turn off all the lights, lock the door and turn on the bedroom fan.

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