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I gave up and bought MyQ Home Bridge

I executed a shortcut for Siri to open my garage door for a while, it works quite efficiently on the iPhone, but it’s not good on the HomePod or Apple Watch. I decided to take out the $ 70 to get MyQ Home Bridge on Chamberlain’s website to enable HomeKit connectivity. I couldn’t find it cheaper elsewhere and it took more than a week to arrive (plus I had to pay for shipping). I received it yesterday and started the installation, which was actually harder than I thought. The instructions say that you just need to press “+” on the MyQ application to add a device and it will be listed in the discovered devices. Well, yes, this is true, but it fails to tell you that once the device is activated, you need to reprogram your garage to learn Home Bridge as well as MyQ Opener. It took me forever to figure it out, I finally had to reset MyQ to factory settings, then start again. Finally, it worked that way. Good luck, I hope your setup is easier than mine!

24 hours after the correct installation, I had no problems opening or closing. It’s nice to receive dedicated HomeKit notifications on my watch and iPhone. The only thing I didn’t realize was how to integrate it with CarPlay. I’ve read a lot of people saying that you can get CarPlay alerts when you’re close to home asking if you want to open the garage, but I still haven’t been successful with this. Do you have a thought?

TL; DR – Pro: HomeKit for garage works well, so far there are no complaints

Cons: Harder setup than the instructions explained, 2 hubs hanging from the garage are not aesthetically pleasing, plus $ 70 just for HomeKit! Also, you still need to log in to your iPhone when you ask HomePod, okay.

If you don’t want to touch the $ 70, but still want Siri to open / close the garage, here’s the link to the shortcut we were talking about (I hope it’s good to share this link): [](Https://