I have 6 HKSV working on my account - damaged account?

Cupertino, November 9, 2020

I managed to make 6 HKSV rooms available for my house, with the possibility to set all 6 to play back and record, despite the 5 room limit, but I think I could have a damaged account. Are you curious to know if anyone else has had this?

Regarding my configuration:

I'm using an iPad Pro 10.5 "running iOS 14.1 as a hub, with an iPad mini 3 on iOS 12.4.8 in standby (and I recently added an old iPhone 6 Plus on iOS 12.4.8 in jailbreak mode so I can home on it to extend the bluetooth range for one of my devices - but i was able to add 6 cameras to HKSV before adding this phone, so i exclude it as a cause).

From the HKSV perspective, I have 3 indoor Netatmo cameras, 2 x indoor Eufy 2k cameras and 1 x Eufy 2k Tilt panel and I am able to configure them all with Streaming and Recording.

Netatmo cameras are always enabled in the Netatmo app, but once the Eufy cameras are set up in the HomeKit, I turn them off in the Eufy app - it still works well in the HomeKit and, in particular, allows the pan and tilt camera to fold when you set the mode off in HomeKit (which is how I use it when someone is at home on this room).

I updated my iCloud account from 200 GB to 2 TB to get 5-camera HKSV activation. I've already been part of a family account (my partner is the organizer of the family sharing plan, but I'm the guest organizer of HomeKit). I shared my 2 TB iCloud storage to the family. Previously ended the 50 GB iCloud subscription.

At first, I received the message with 5 limit cameras. But all of a sudden, he started working for the 6th room.

The problem that makes me think I have a corrupt account is that when we go out, the cameras go into travel mode, but only on my partners' phone. When I check the home app on my phone, the cameras continue to work in ways that are set up only at home.

I tried to remove the cameras, disconnect from iCloud on my devices, leave the family and remove my partner from home in HomeKit.

Once I re-added everything, I started receiving the 5 camera limit message again, but only for a few hours and then I was able to add the 6th camera to the recording. I haven't both been out at the same time since then to test if the travel mode works on my phone, but it will be the next thing I test.

Although it's great to have 6 cameras that work this way, it's of limited use when the off mode on the cameras doesn't work for me. So my next troubleshooting step will be to delete everything, including my home, before deleting iCloud accounts.

Another thing I noticed is that when the battery starts to drain from its iPad, it stops processing specific movements and starts receiving any movement alerts and records in my timelines instead (probably iPad- The older one takes over as the main hub, even though on my iPad Pro it still says it's the main hub "connected"). Now I'm writing this, I wonder if it's in this state that the mix of ios14.1 hubs (with low battery) and iOS 12.4.8 are what allow me to set the recording on all cameras.

Welcome thoughts!

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