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I just got my Aqara G2H HomeKit. Just a few quick thoughts on how to just homekit.

I just got my Aqara G2H HomeKit. Just a few quick thoughts on how to just homekit.

I bought my Aqara G2H from Amazon yesterday. Just a few thoughts for those looking for more information about running exclusive in homekit.

+ This is the most important element for me, so I’ll start here. It’s a ** ACTUAL ** room only for homekit! What I mean by that is that you can take the item out of the box, you can scan the code directly at the bottom inside the and you go racing. No need to download your own Aqara app. As far as I understand homekit, this means that Aqara is not aware of the existence of my room, this is exactly how it should be if you run a homekit only at home.

+ The camera now works 24 hours in “restricted” mode from the homekit router, without problems. No funny bootlooping (Eufy ….) or any other weird behavior.

+ There are no “unanswered” problems … yet. Logitech Circle 2 burned me hard with this constant problem, but I still have no problems. He crosses my fingers.

+ The quality is very good. I still have Nest IQ inside next to G2H, and the quality is pretty much the same. I think Nest IQ has a better picture, but that could be because of the 4K sensor. But the G2H is fully acceptable for an indoor room. However, for an outdoor room, it may leave you wanting more if you need to zoom in to see the license plates.

+ Bidirectional audio sounds great. I tested it from inside the house and it sounds great. I had my wife say hello to me from the grocery store and it was just as good. Now, for those of you who come from a Nest IQ set up like me, Nest IQ has a better speaker. Significantly. But the nest room is also a huge piece of room, so I’m sure the space is well used for good sound. G2H sounds great for its size.

+ Excellent quick alert. This is probably more due to my homekit set (ATV4K, 10/100/1000 ethernet), but receiving a motion alert in less than a second is refreshing. The nest can last up to 30 seconds on a bad day …

– I’m not sure at this moment if the firmware updates will be performed in I hope they will, otherwise I will be stuck with the firmware they are on today.

Overall: A-, but easily the best interior room for houses only for homekit. Once I see the updated firmware in, this will make it a solid A.

I will get 2 more of these rooms to replace my nest IQ inside and I am waiting for an outdoor version for the front and back of the house.

FYSA, it looks like there’s an $ 8 coupon on Amazon right now, if anyone is interested in getting the camera.

Bravo Aqara! Keep it up!