I think I am a poster-boy for Eve - here is my setup and feedback request

Cupertino, October 21, 2020

I post here my Homekit setup. Not for bragging rights since there are a lot more of you on here with way better setups. But instead to get feedback from others on ways I may be able to improve my setup. Perhaps even moving away from Eve?

The TL;DR is I describe my Homekit setup and ask if anyone sees opportunity for improvement.

My home is small (<2,000 square foot | < 185 square meters). I have (5) Eero devices to manage my WiFi and home network. If you think 5 is overkill for such a small house, it is because I use the wired ports on the Eeros to extend to wired network equipment around the house like an old HP printer and (2) Synology NAS. I consider my WiFi part of my Homekit even though they are not managed by Homekit; they also help with my device comms.

I have (2) Apple TVs both as Homekit hubs. I currently exclusively use Eve devices for Homekit. I have (3) Eve Extends to ensure all Eve BT devices can be “seen”. I have (3) Eve Degrees. One uses master bedroom temp to trigger an Eve light switch to turn on a ceiling fan in there. One is in my living room to measure temp there to also turn on a ceiling fan (also by Eve light switch) when the temp goes up. The third is inside a spare refrigerator in my shop to alert me if the fridge breaks by its temperature condition [I added this after a previous freezer died and I lost hundreds in food]. That Degree is linked back to my Homekit by one of the Extends to ensure comms from the shop since it is too far away for BT. I use an Eve door sensor to detect the door to the shop opening to turn on the light within (another Eve light switch) and also alert me that someone has opened the door as a partial security measure.

I have an Eve Cam in my house for security. I have an Eve Leak Detector by my washing machine that triggers to an Eve Energy that my washing machine is plugged into to kill power if a leak is detected. I am thinking of another Leak Detector for the dish washer. I use (2) other Eve Energies to control lamps in my living room for timed light control when the sun sets. I use (2) Eve Switches to control my front and rear porch lamps for when we come home at night with automatic scene enablement and to give me light when I leave early for work and it is still dark outside. I have another Energy on a percolator coffee pot that we time on for morning coffee as well as a detection to turn off the pot if it is left on and we leave. In my master bathroom, I have an Eve Motion to sense us walking in to automatically turn on the bathroom heater with a 30 minute shutoff and to automatically shutoff if we both leave the home and its condition is on.

I think that does it — (1) Eve Cam, (4) Eve light switches, (3) Eve Extends, (7) Energies, a Motion, a door sensor, and a Water Leak Detector.

Do you see opportunity to enhance this with different brands or additional?

Thanks for reading.

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