I want to switch from Google to HomeKit, but ...

Cupertino, March 28, 2021

I've been all-in with Apple for 20 years, except for my smart home. I kept all this with Nest and Google simply because Apple didn't give me all the options I wanted. That, plus he always needed a low-priced speaker that I could put in every room. But now, I really want to switch to HomeKit, buy some HomePod minis and get rid of Google Assistant, but there are some obstacles that prevent me and I hope it's just my ignorance and someone here can tell me how to overcome them. I already have the Starling Home Hub in place, so all of my Nest devices work (kind of) in the HomeKit, but there are still a few issues with stopping the show. I have a Netgear ORBI WiFi 6 and I have 500 Mbps in every corner of every room, so there are no problems here. And all my lights are Hue, so again, no problem. The first issue is a minor one, but it really saddens me. Siri talks too much. If I say, "Siri, turn on the office light," I get it. "OK ... just a second ... I'm working on it ... OK, I turned on the office light." If I say "Hey, Google, turn on the desk light" I get a soft "Ding" and the light comes on. Will I just have to get used to this with Siri? Ringing room motion alerts - or even motion warnings from the Nest IQ outdoor camera. These simply do not happen. I hear the ringtone and I can talk to anyone out there using my iPhone, but if Amazon drops a package, the only way I get notifications is through the Nest app ... which is horrible. Want to make Nest camera motion alerts work with HomeKit and Starling Home Hub? Both cameras work very well ... I just don't send alerts via HomeKit. I also pay for the Google video storage service and it is very good and not so expensive. But isn't there a way I can store Nest camera video in iCloud and use HomeKit to watch videos? If not, then I will need a recommendation for a different camera and a video sound. Arlo Pro 3, maybe? Nest thermostats. I have two of them and it works perfectly with HomeKit, so absolutely no problem here. Nest Detect Smoke detectors. I like these, but they don't seem to work at all with HomeKit and Starling Home Hub. I don't mind buying anything else if I have to, but I thought I should work with HomeKit using Starling. Nest Secure alarm system. This doesn't work either, but Google has already interrupted it, so I'll get something else ... SimpliSafe or Abode ... anything. I don't want a paid alarm service, I just want a self-monitoring system to warn me of an intruder. The music. I really don't think this will be a problem. I'll put a mini HomePod in three main cameras and now that Apple allows Pandora (my favorite) I'm fine here. My wife and I use the iPhone and wear Apple Watches, so between them and the HomePods, voice control shouldn't be an issue. But if someone were to take a stab at solving my aforementioned problems, I would really appreciate it. I'm a retired geek, so implementation won't be an issue. Thank you in advance.

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