Icon Garden Podcast Episode 21: Indie Apps Then and Now with Charlie Chapman

Cupertino, September 18, 2019

In our 21st regular episode, we say goodbye to the show and the homekit episode guest Clark Goble. I know he also posted regularly here. A link is included to a gofundme to support his family. RIP Clark.

In HomeKit news, I review the Honeywell Lyric alarm system and its integration with HomeKit. We hope. You are enjoying this episode!

### Episode 21: Indie Apps Then and Now with Charlie Chapman

### We could be independent together.

For our first 21 regular shows, we have to start with a gloomy note as we say goodbye to the show's friend and our first guest, Clark Goble. Clark was a wonderful guest, an amazing person, and we send our sincere condolences to his friends and family. A link to support his family is included below.
No fourteen days this week as we continue to recover after the Apple Event last week. In the HomeKit chronicles, Jake reviews the Honeywell Lyric security system. Is it ready for prime time and your HomeKit home? In our main topic, we welcome the show and (recently official) independent app developer Charlie Chapman. We talk to Charlie about his path to independence and about his app, the white noise app Dark Noise, as it lands in the App Store. We hope you enjoy our chat with Charlie about an independent app developer in 2019.

### View notes:

* (Clark Goble Memorial- GoFundMe) (https://www.gofundme.com/f/clark-goble)
* (Icon Garden Bonus 3 - September 10 Apple Event) (https://overcast.fm/+PsiIUjC6k)
* (Honeywell Lyric Alarm) (https://www.honeywellhome.com/en/products/security-alarm-solutions/lyric-security-and-home-control-system)
* (Dark Noise App) (https://apps.apple.com/us/app/dark-noise/id1465439395)
* (A-Town FM - Charlie & # 39; s Podcast) (https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/a-town-fm/id1257353761)

### Follow us:

Our show is produced by Nathan Mace (antiwraith at Ars) and edited by Dan Vincent. Our theme song is composed by the wonderful Space Vixen, which you can find on twitter (@cat_cornett) (https://mobile.twitter.com/Cat_Cornett) and their music at (spacevixen.bandcamp.com) (http: // spacevixen .bandcamp.com).

Charlie can be found at (his website) (www.charlierchapman.com) or on twitter at (@ chuckyc17) (https://mobile.twitter.com/chuckyc17) and his app Dark Noise can be found (here) (https: / /apps.apple.com/us/app/dark-noise/id1465439395)

You can find Dan on Twitter (@kefkafloyd) (https://mobile.twitter.com/kefkafloyd). Against his better rating, Jake is still on twitter (@jakepugh) (https://mobile.twitter.com/jakepugh). You can provide feedback by tweeting (@icongardenshow) (https://mobile.twitter.com/icongardenshow) or posting on the Icon Garden thread on the Mac Ach forum by going to (http://bit.ly/tigsthread ) (http://bit.ly/tigsthread). You can subscribe to our show on your chosen podcast platform or visit our website at (icongardenshow.com) (www.icongardenshow.com).

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